Rui to leave SCREW to pursue career as fashion designer
SCREW has announced that their bassist Rui will be leaving SCREW after their live at AiiA Theater Tokyo 2014/12/28. While the band will continue with 4 members, Rui will be ending all of his activities in music field. Instead he has decided to follow his dream of becoming a fashion designer.
Rui himself comments the matter in his blog as following.

"As announced, I will be ending my band activities together with my graduation from SCREW on 28th December. So, after this I will not be forming a new band or performing as a bassist from now on. I’m not leaving because of quarrels or anything, so I do feel lonely, however the people around us gave me a push, so I decided from now on I will live trying out things I want to do.
I’m not sure if I should say this now, but I would like to follow my old dream of becoming a fashion designer. I could not be more grateful to members and manager, company president and the whole staff of our artist office who understood my feelings and gave me the necessary push.”

We hope all the best to Rui and the other 4 members.
credit : musicjapanplus